NOGA QRP CW Net Report for 12-18-01


From: Michael C. Boatright (
Date: Tue Dec 18 2001 - 21:40:36 CST

KO4WX called the net, using the club call, NQ4RP at 0230Z (9:30pm EST)
using my new Twin Tube 80 rig (at 3W). while responding to the 3rd
check-in (N9MZP), the rig stopped transmitting, completely and I had to
switch over to my K2 (also at 3W), that I was using for RX. Sorry for the
sloppy keying. Had myself all cranked up to send straight key, and my
brain really didn't want to switch to the paddle on the K2!

Had two new stations calling in tonight, N9MZP, Walt in Geneseo, IL and
WB4OFT, John in Advance, NC (I say new, I've been out of town the past
several nets, but in any case welcome!). Never heard of Geneseo, IL, and
checked just to make sure I copied it down right. According to
Yahoo maps, Geneseo is just about due west from Stan Makita's Donuts in
Aurora, almost to the state line (west of Chicago)...

Band was really quiet tonight. Starting to get cold (finally!) in Georgia,
and guess it's time for good propagation on 80M. Or at least one would
surmise that from the great QRP signals from IL and NC.

Check-ins & Reports:

W4JHR, Joe, in Suwanee. Nice signal, 599, and received 599 from him as
well; running his K2 at 5W
AF4MN, Guy, in Conyers. We're only 7 or 8 miles as the crow flies, but a
big hill between us. His 5W was 579 and he sent 559.
N9MZP, Walt, in Geneseo, IL. His 5W was a good 599 into Atlanta (Decatur),
and he sent the same report back. Running a Kenwood TS450 at 5W.
AD4S, Picket, in Lawrenceville. In and out. Working on the web page...
599 signal into Decatur, about 5 miles as the crow flies, over a slight hill
WB4OFT, John, in Advance, NC, KnightLights Land. Nice 2x599 4Watt
signal. I think he said he was using an end-fed Zepp?

After the net, AF4MN, Guy, called me on 2meters and said the Twin Tube 80
sounded great. I was bummed that it had stopped transmitting. Then I
noticed that the terminals on the J38 were loose, and the key wires had
come loose. Man, I hate when that happens! Anyway, what a sweet
rig! (<shamelessplugforaclubproject>By the way, it's in the NOGA Compedium

NOGA QRP Net meets Tuesday, 9:30pm Eastern US local time, 3686.4 KHz, or
there abouts, depending on QRM.

72 de Mike, KO4WX
Michael C. Boatright

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