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From: George Gingell (
Date: Tue Dec 18 2001 - 09:45:34 CST

I definately Agree with the Build a Kit suggestion. Not only will it help
you increase your skills and knowledge, you will have a great sense of
pride and confidence as you make contacts with something that you have
assembled yourself.

There are Several Excellent Kits on both sides of the Pond in these Days.

I do personally like the Elecraft Kits both the K1 & K2.

The nice thing about the K2 is that you get a Great Receiver and the Rig
is designed for the QRPer who wants the best in a QRP Rig. It is made for
Field use as well as Contesting.

You can start out with the Basic Unit and later add the Options that you
need or Desire. Automatic ATU, Internal Battery Supply, Computer Interface
for Contesting, or SSB and 160 Meters.

If you only want CW and 4 Bands, The K1 is the Rig for you. I have plans
to purchase one myself next year for use as the "Maryland Milliwatt Club
Station" "WQ3RP" It will live in my Car for Mobile, and Field Use.

I figure that I can get away with taking it on Vacation if it is already
in the Car all of the time. My XYL would object if I wait until it is time
to go on a trip to install it. :^}

The K1 also has an optional Automatic ATU and Noise Blanker and Internal
Battery Pack. You can also have another Band Module unit for another Band
Combination. I plan on 40/30/20/15 . I would have rather had 80/40/20/15
and the WARC Bands on another Unit, But I understand that 80 is not
compatible with the regular combination. I forget the technical reason,
but it is only a small inconveinence. I played with a friends unit and
fell in love with it.

I might add that it is a very small package for what it does.

I also like the Kits from Dave Benson, K1SWL Small Wonder Labs.

The SWL20+ is being used as the [ELMER 101] Class Rig on QRP-L.

I would also recommend that you newbies on QRP check out the [Elmer 101]
Project on QRP-L.

Even if you don't build the kit, you can upgrade your knowledge just by
following along and reading the Questions and Answers.

Lest some of you think that Only USA makes Good Kits, You should also
Check out some of the U.K. QRP Vendors. I have not had the opportunity to
really check out them in years, but I know from others that there are a
few real good ones over there as well.

That reminds me, I would find it interestiing to hear some comments from
QRPers in U.K. and Europe as to How the K1 & K2 works out in your
enviroment? I know that you have a Special Interference problem on 80 and
40 in particular.

Well, I guess that is about it for now. If any of the U.K. New QRPers
would like Samples of The QRP ARCI QRP Quarterly Journal, Send me a
Private Email with your Mailing Address. I will try to arrange a new plan
to get them to you.

Also dont forget your own Great Club "G-QRP" If not yet a member, Join
Today and start getting "SPRAT" regularly. It is full of information and
Projects for the New QRPer as well as those of who have been doing it for
a lifetime. :^}

Sir George, The First :^} G-1290 ARCI 4368, and Lots of Others...

72 ES
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