Re: Opinions on Earthlink?


From: John J. McDonough (
Date: Tue Dec 18 2001 - 06:18:28 CST

A number of folks have taken me to task for implying that an ISP who
provides shell accounts is one who caters to hackers. That wasn't at all
what I meant to say.

Most of the ISPs who provide shell accounts are small, local folks. There
are tens of thousands of these guys, and if you want a dial in account, I
very much doubt that Bob wants his Internet access to be over a dial in from
California to Enid, Oklahoma or whatever.

What I meant to say was that if Bob want to find a shell account, his best
bet is to follow the hackers. The big ISPs aren't going to offer shell
accounts (at least, not at a reasonable price) and there are tens of
thousands of small ISPs, most of whom won't have shell accounts, and most of
those that do won't offer access from the outside. It's pretty impractical
to make tens of thousands of phone calls to find a shell.

If Bob wants to find a shell account, his best bet is to go to the #hack or
#2600 IRC channels, or one of the hacker newsgroups, and ask a hacker. He
will undoubtedly have to take some flame, but he will find a shell with a
lot less effort than contacting a few thousand ISPs.

72/73 de WB8RCR
didileydadidah QRP-L #1446 Code Warriors #35

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