NEQRP CW Net, 6 December 01, 8:30 PM EST, 3.565MHz


From: Chuck Ludinsky (
Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 21:05:09 CST

The New England QRP Club's WQ1RP CW net meets again Thursday night, 6
December 2001, at 8:30 PM EST (0130Z, 7 December 01) on or near 3.565
MHz. Net control operator for this week's 80M session will be John,
K1RC, operating from Dracut, MA.

Dennis, K1LGQ, was net control operator for last week's net, which had a
total of nine participants:

  A1MY Seab 599
  WA1CFX Howard 599
  AB8DF Ed 569
  W1KRT Ken 599
  KD1YV Jim 599
  WB1HBE John 599
  AE5X (Didn’t come back for comments.)
  KA3WMJ Ken 599
  K1LGQ Dennis Net Control

Thanks to everyone for QNI'ing.

Dennis reports: "What was unusual were the "phone stations" coming from
South America? Not really too sure which direction they flew in from,
but sideband was their mode. Did anyone else hear them and do you know
where they’re from? And, as customary, as soon as one CW station is on
frequency, several others popped up nearby to "QSO" the locals. Not
sure who they were but I suspect they were from the southern part of the
country. I did hear a W4 give his call. Did anyone else catch the CW
nearby net frequency? Of course, my receiver is sooooooo broad, it was
probably from the novice band. Oops!"

Hope to hear you all on this week's net.

72 DE K1CL,

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