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From: John J. McDonough (
Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 18:18:31 CST

Like Ray, I used conduit. It's available at the local builder's store, I
got mine a Lowe's but I'm sure exactly the same thing is available the Home
Depot or whatever your local store is.

I would expect that the price would be a lot less than aluminum pipe.

No, the diameter doesn't matter much. The diameter does have some effect on
the bandwidth, but at 40 meters, you probably can't see it.

I used a PVC pipe cap for a bottom insulator. First thing that came to me
when I was roaming around Lowe's trying to come up with an antenna. I set
it in some concrete so the bottom of the antenna has no tendency to move
around. The main problem is that it's too close to the ground, and tends to
fill up with dirt and leaves and the like. Every few months I need to go
clean it out.

The thin wall conduit is easily handled by a single person if you are in the
clear. I needed to thread mine through some trees so it was a 2 person job,
still not bad.

72/73 de WB8RCR
didileydadidah QRP-L #1446 Code Warriors #35

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> Tom,
> What diameter aluminum pipe are you suggesting here? I guess a full
> vertical on 40 would be about 37.5 feet, but the diameter of the pipe
> have a lot do with the resonant length. Also, the ground plane might be
> factor in the total efficiency of the system. How do you support your
> vertical antenna? Do use a capacity hat; if so, what size and
> We are in a suburban location here in SE PA, so no access to irrigation
> pipe. I think a few lengths of aluminum mast, welded together at the
> would do as nicely.
> Regards,
> Howard Rubin, N3FEL
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> I have a full 5/8 vertical on 40 meters. It's about the same size in
> diameter as aluminum irrigation pipe. I understand this stuff can be had
> very reasonable. It develops pin holes from sand and eventually becomes
> useless as irrigation pipe. I'm sure there are farmers/ranchers that have
> this laying around and would be glad to get rid of it.........Tom N4RS

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