NO joy in mudville...


From: ss lyon (
Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 17:41:27 CST

What a terrible let down. I volunteered for a project in town and got back
way to late (just now) to finish hookups to the "temp." 160 antennas, so
gambled and concentrated on only the 260' kite antenna. Managed to get it up
with help from a fellow volunteer and a neighbor. By the time we got things
secured and tidy the wind began to die. The kite came down before I had a
chance to try even one contact :( Over 800' of line plus antenna and kite
are now languishing in the tops of deep Maine forest. Retrieval will be a
real chore tomorrow.

I'll try to get on later with the flat top I've been using lately, but it
will only be to provide some ME points rather than as the competitor I
intended to be tonite. However, the next evening that wind is favorable,
I'll be on to show off the antenna. i'm going for some serious libation.

Seabury & Sharon Lyon
99 Sparrowhawk Mtn Rd
Bethel, Me, 04217 U.S.A.

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