RE: ScQRPion Stinger Singer Freq. Counter +10


From: Adrian Weiss (
Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 17:30:41 CST

Hi gang:

I get excited when I put a kit together and even more
excited when it works as expected.

The ScQRPion Stinger Singer Freq. Counter is better than
I expected. I expected that the usual invasive surgery
would be required to gain access to a rig's freq.
generating innards etc. NOT SO!

The Stinger Singer responds to my 4w output into coax to
the antenna. I just connected a small piece of coax with
an RCA plug into the Singer, and a clip lead from the end
of the coax draped over the coax to the antenna. The
Singer reads the freq!! I ought to see "how low" it will
go, but later!

This is really great since I take various rigs on
portable junkets -- try different one/s each trip it
seems. So, no problem. Take the Singer and whatever
rig, and I'll exactly on freq with my xmitted signal.

I suspect that at low power levels, it'll be easy enough to
rig up some means of getting enough signal into the Singer
to get the reading.

Well done Bob and the gang!

72, Ade

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