Re: one-touch-tune


Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 15:29:55 CST

I was thinking that it might be something along the line of a ALC voltage
that could be used to attentuate the signal. I did things a little
backwards. I built a z-11 tuner. Then I bought a cw filter. Then I bought
a FT817 :)

Before I turned on the Yaesu, I put the cw filter in. Dave Fifields site
was helpful in that regard.

The website for the one touch tune(tm) makes mention of a microprocessor.
I guess the rig has to be in a tune position. I will have to look for the
manual. I haven't transmitted with the rig yet.

I must have taken the manual out of the box and laid it down somewhere in
my things/articles to read pile(s). I used the rig to receive some FM
stations and WWV since I only could come up with a 5 foot piece of wire
for an antenna. I was hoping to have an antenna up before the snow flies.
I have a couple rigs that really need to be tested and used. That DSW-40
is just calling out from the shelf :))

There hasn't been any in the Buffalo area yet. That is peculiar. It is
about 65F today. It would make a lot of sense to put up an antenna


                                Jim n2go

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