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From: Mike Yetsko (
Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 14:24:47 CST

If pipes 'telescope' freely but snugly, Use a hacksaw to cut from the
end in about 2 or 3 inches, making two slots, one each 'side' of
the pipe 180 degrees from each other. Slide the smaller pipe in, and
then use a radiator hose clamp to 'pinch' the pipe onto the smaller

You can use 'muffler' style clamps, even without cutting the slots, but
these tend to make a fairly permanent deformation to metal and
even to some plastics and you won't easily get it apart.

With the slot, and the radiator clamps, you can loosen it up and slide
the pipe easily in and out. Just make sure to 'waterproof' the joint
with electrical tape (I get rolls of the 2" wide stuff) otherwise water
can get in via the slit.

Just make sure there is a significant length of pipe 'inside' the
'non-split' portion of the outer pipe, as mechanical strength is
SERIOUSLY reduced at the splits. You're using the split area
STRICTLY for in and out control, not to handle bending or flexing!

> As for nesting, you can drive 1/2" copper copper into the 1/2" EMT,
> (it just fits) but the two will never come apart again. Been playing
> around with some 3/4" copper which fits "sloppy" over 1/2" EMT.
> (I'm trying to figure out how to do swaging on the cheap). But this
> would give you the ability to take it apart and be portable, assuming
> you can move 10' pieces of tubing around.
> -- Chris Cartwright, Unix Administrator |

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