Re: Construction Articles Not Necessarily Dwindling


Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 13:51:04 CST

Bruce wrote:
>I tend to disagree about other publications siphoning
off articles. The smaller magazines, like QRPp or QQ
are specialist magazines with circulation of less thin a
couple of thousand. Also they don't pay for articles
they accept and publish.<

Bruce, I think you are erroneously jumping to
conclusions about the importance of being published in a
large circulation magazine. Your leap about the
compensation paid to the authors isn't necessarily valid

Now if you would have said the editors of QST cannot
twist arms as well as Norcal's Doug Hendricks, I might
have believed you.

Bigger is not always better. Being paid is not always
more satisfying than working for free. If that were
true, having bigger circulation and getting paid for
writing articles probably would lead to MORE articles
being published, not fewer!

Don't take my word for it --- think about what's
happened in the last 5-7 years. If the small
publications and internet sites aren't siphoning off
articles, then why are many of the best construction
project writeups (for example, the Norcal 40, SST,
Cascade, 38 Special, BLT, 2N2, etc.,) appearing
elsewhere first INSTEAD of in the pages of QST and CQ?

Interestingly, the WARBLER 80M PSK rig appeared on the
NJ QRP website LONG BEFORE it appeared in QST. That
suggests to me that the editors of QST recognized an
emerging trend: that good construction articles were
being published by someone else FIRST and that if QST
wanted them available for the magazine, they had to
arrange for REPRINT RIGHTS.

Best 72/73 de alan

Alan Kaul W6RCL e-mail:

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