Re: Construction Articles Dwindling


From: Bruce Muscolino (
Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 12:39:35 CST

> I know of at least two things that I built from QST in the past year and
> a half. Those were a Moxon rectangle for 2 meter (which works excellent
> for satellite coms) and the W2FS KISS Mode TNC, both very good articles.
> I build more things but can't remember where I read about them.
As with any ham, your choice of projects depends on your interests! One
of eh problems an editor must face is accurately gauging reader
> Exactly. The ARRL recognized this so they now offer $60 per page if your
> article gets published.
THe League has paid $60 per page or part of a page for a long time.
Other magazines also pay, WorldRadio pays $30.00 per page, 73 used to
pay, CQ has never paid. Foreign magazines also pay quite well.
> That's an excellent point! I've seen quite a few articles (mainly on the
> web) which require 1 or two parts I'm supposed to pick up at a flea
> market or hamfest or from a bottomless junk box.
If you can't go out and buy the parts no one will build it! Doug DeMaw
started it back in 1976 with the Tuna Tin 2. If anyone here reads the
original article, one of his design premises was readily available parts
from Radio Shack! And yes, QST did several articles on parts
availability in the 70's and 80's!


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