Re: Construction Articles Dwindling


From: Bruce Muscolino (
Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 12:18:14 CST

I don't know whether a PC board is a requirement for publication but it
does improve the project's chances of having a wider appeal. In the
case of the 2N2 what you are selling is the construction technique, not
the product's performance. You are trying ot show that the technique
has wide application to construction of all types.

Doug DeMaw did an article on breadboarding techniques that became the
series "First Steps in Radio: back in the 80's. He used a slightly
different technique than Manhattan construction but the thrust was
generally the same. He presented LAYOUTS and finished boards but not PC

If you want to see such an article, the way to get there is to ask the
editor of eh magazine what he will accept, and then write it to fit!


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