RE: Construction Articles Not Necessarily Dwindling (a suggestion)


From: Tom Tishken KD4WOV (
Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 11:41:07 CST

Maybe we should petition those who write projects to get them published in
QST and CQ?

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Dwindling in CQ or QST -- but not necessarily dwindling.

One reason why fewer construction articles are found in the pages of QST and
is there are so many other GOOD publishing alternatives for the author.

QRP ARCI, Norcal, NJ QRP, etc., have siphoned off some of the better
construction projects.

And a lot of hams who aren't sending submissions to magazines are
self-publishing on internet websites. There are plenty of www-places to
where you can go and find articles on building dozens of projects. (Of
where QST and CQ and Norcal, etc., insist on testing and replicating
a lot of the internet construction projects aren't necessarily

Overall, there are probably MORE construction articles than ever before --
just don't find them in the same old places.

Alan Kaul, W6RCL, LaCanada, CA

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