RE: [OT] Direct effects from Off Topic subjects ad nauseum


From: Juanjo Pastor (
Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 02:43:51 CST

Hello to everybody from Spain.

    Being subscribed since 1999 has taught me to live with the off
topic posts. My way to manage them, besides the delete key, is the use
of filters, especially the OT filter. I send them to a OT folder and
have a look on the subjects, then I usually select most of them and
delete them with a single key stroke!. I read the ones containing
"not" in the subject (they will be filtered away, too). As I usually
delete most of the posts received after a short peek on the contents,
I usually delete all the messages filtered to the OT folder. But this
only works if you mark the OT messages with that nice OT marker in the
subject... This also works with the Elmer posts, HB posts, FS posts,
Nils' posts and so on. By the way, I am using Outlook Express, I also
used Eudora previously. Hope this helps somebody.

73, 72 de Juanjo, EA5CHQ-EC5ACA. EA-QRP #104, G-QRP #9742,
QRP-L #1662.

Juanjo Pastor
C/San Roque, 4-1
46460 Silla

Tel.: +034 96 120 17 67
Movil: 651 35 35 11

>On Tue, 04 December 2001, Jim Larsen AL7FS wrote:
>> Greetings from Alaska,
>> I am slightly less inclined to encourage people to sign up for
QRP-L if
>> the postings don't stay on topic. The Off Topic (OT) posts seem to
>> on ad nauseum and can only be beaten down for a short period of
>> before they pop up again.
>> Let's all do better in the future. Please?
>> 73, Jim

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