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From: Brian (
Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 10:29:09 CST

That's a good point, I wonder if construction article submissions are down?
I know several hams have said (talk is cheap afterall) they'd like to send
in a construction article but QST requires a PCBoard layout for build-it
articles. I don't know if this is true. I think this disuades Manhattan
guru's from submitting.

Brice's Tiny Tornado may just be the spark that renews interest in QRPp, it
has a board, it has an interesting history, and I think it would be a fun
construction article for QST. Maybe he'll write this up??

I don't know if Ed is privvy to the amount of construction submission sent
to QST. I'd even be interested in a book of "Articles we got but didn't
print" put out by the league.

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> I dropped by my local library on my lunch hour yesterday and picked up the
> December, 2001 issue of CQ magazine. I was disappointed to see absolutely
> no construction articles anywhere. This morning, just for the fun of it I
> picked up my December, 2001 issue of QST and checked the annual index. I
> counted sixteen construction articles for the year. Then I went to the
> December, 1996 QST and counted twenty-four construction articles. There
> a whopping 33% decrease in the past five years alone. Sad, for sure.
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