TINY-TORNADO Transceiver Kit Update


From: Brice D. Hornback (bdh@cyberbound.net)
Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 04:02:08 CST

Time is running out to order a TINY-TORNADO kit. After Friday, I will no
longer accept orders paid by check or money order. All orders must be
confirmed by email AND postmarked on or before December 7th (Friday) or I
cannot guarantee there will be enough kits. If you have already confirmed
your order and have sent a check... no problem and thank you.

I want to make sure I receive payment from everyone in time to get
everything ordered and the kits shipped out quickly as a lot of these were
ordered as gifts.

I will continue to accept orders via PayPal until the last confirmed payment
by check has been received.

Please don't put it off. If you want to get one of these kits... now is the
time to order.


Or direct to the Tiny-Tornado page:

Thank you for all your interest.

72/73 DE KA8MAV (Brice)
Indianapolis, IN EM79au
QRPp-I #1, QRP ARCI #10972, QRP-L #2360, ARRL
KLQRP, FPQRP -156, ARS #1,138, NETXQRP #27
AOL Instant Messenger ID: ka8mav

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Tiny-Tornado Transceiver Kits

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