Question on TiCK-4 Keyer


Date: Sun Oct 21 2001 - 10:11:35 CDT

Hello Again,
     First thanks for the help on the ZM2, all that is left to do is make a
cable to connect it to the rig and I can see if it works. Now it's time for
another question, this time around it's related to the TiCK-EMB-4 keyer:

     1. I built the keyer to use the piezo audio side tone, and according to
step 15 of the construction manual (Rev 1.3) when I install the lithium
battery I should here the letter "B" in Morse.

     I'm not getting this output and am wondering if this indicates a
possible dead battery? When I connect a 9 volt to the unit it sends the
number 4, and if I hold the mode push button it sends in order the letters
(S, T, A, & K), which leads me to believe it is wired properly. Also does
anyone have the data sheet which describes what these 4 modes are? After
sitting partially constructed for at least a year (probably closer to 1.5)
and with my organizational skills I'm not surprised that I cannot locate it.

de Tom kf4yyd
Fredericksburg, VA

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