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From: Paul Christensen (
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 15:54:56 CDT

> are probably too fine, "AR" vs. "K" being a good example. It
> appears that League arbiters want AR to be used when one
> station calls another specifically: "W1ABC DE K9XYZ AR"
> while K is to be used after a CQ: "CQ CQ DE W1ABC K".

Hmmm....I always thought the ARRL Operating Manual advanced the following as the correct usage:


Other examples might include "SK" in place of "AR," and "KN" in place of "K." The point being that AR and SK are always used prior
to the call sign exchange to alert the operator on the other end of a transmission change (e.g., end of transmission or sign-off)
and K or KN are used to formally alert the receiving operator or those whishing to break-in to go ahead.

-Paul, W9AC

> This is, frankly, sheer nit-picking, and is the kind of
> distinction that inevitably gets blurred or lost in a language
> that is actively used (I'd analogize to "who" vs. "whom" in
> spoken English, or the technically correct but rarely heard
> subjunctive "If I were doing that" as opposed to "If I was doing
> that.")
> If in fact there is a good reason for this kind of distinction, then
> it needs to be more clearly explained when CW operating
> instructions are given. Merely saying "That's the way it is" will
> not get everyone to march in step.
> -- Gary Phillips, Marengo, IL
> KA9NZI, Seneca Twp., McHenry Co., IL Grid: EN52rg
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