From: Bill Meara (
Date: Fri Sep 21 2001 - 05:25:04 CDT

At 01:34 PM 9/20/01 +0000, Tom Dufresne wrote:
>I am building my way through radio receivers. I have just started building
>basic direct conversion receivers. I chose to build the Neophyte receiver
>featured in QST a few years back.
>Here is a reference:
>Problem: I checked the rig before I fired it up, everything looked ok. When
>I turned her on, got that nasty low frequency "buzzing" that sounds like an
>amp is being overdriven.
>I was distraught, to say the least.

Tom: Don't get distraught! Realize that these kinds of problems are a
normal part of homebrewing. This is not plug-and-play radio. Just about
everything you build will have these kinds of problems -- problems that you
have to resolve before the device will work properly. And you can learn a
lot from these problems. The net is a tremendous resource for you in this

I have some articles on my efforts to resolve similar problems with HB
Check out my web site and look in the HB/QRP and 17 meter sections.

Good Luck and FB on your HB project.
73 de CU2JL (aka N2CQR)
Bill Meara
Sao Miguel Island,
The Azores, Portugal

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