Riverside QRP Forum this weekend


From: Doug Hendricks (ki6ds@dph.dpol.net)
Date: Thu Sep 06 2001 - 12:59:07 CDT

The hardest part about going to a qrp forum is the last day at work. Tough
to keep you mind on what you are supposed to be doing, when you think about
all the fun you are going to have.

Guys, if you are on the fence about going to Riverside, jump off and come on
out. The Lake Perris QRP Society has done an outstanding job of lining up
world class speakers, and they are going to be right in your backyard. I
remember 10 years ago when the only opportunity to hear speakers of this
quality was to go to Dayton. That cost a bunch of money for the guys on the
West Coast, and a bunch of time. You had to allow 2 days just for travel,
and that is hard to do for some of us.

But now, we have all of the regional qrp forums, Atlanticon, Arkiecon,
Hamcon, Iowacon, Ft. Tuthill, Huntsville, Riverside, and Pacificon. Eight
opportunities to go to a major qrp event and have fun. Every one is alike,
and every one is different. I remember like yesterday the first time I went
to Dayton and got to meet all of my heroes, George Dobbs, Wes Hayward, Roy
Lewallen, Dick Pascoe, Dave Benson. Man, all of them in one place, and all
famous. Guess what I found out? Everyone of those guys is a qrper (nice
guy, loves the qrp part of ham radio, and was great to talk to.) Gee, I
thought famous people were somehow "special" and would be hard to hold a
conversation with. I found just the opposite, they were the friendliest,
most helpful people that I have ever met, and went out of their way to make
me feel welcome and part of the group.

You know what guys? I have seen this repeated over and over at every
single qrp forum that I have attended, and you will too. There is a list of
famous people that will be at Riverside a mile long, just off the top of my
head here we go: Jim Cates, Chuck Adams, Jerry Parker, Paul Maciel, Dave
Fifield, Wayne Burdick, Eric Swartz, Jim Duffey, Rich Fisher, Ed Hare, Vern
Wright, Bob & Bertie Hightower and I am sure that there will be a few more
show up and surprise us.

The operative word this weekend is to have fun. Also, make sure that you
bring a $5 bill with you. You will need it. 72, Doug

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