Vibroplex new Code Mite


From: Ronald A Pfeiffer (
Date: Thu Sep 06 2001 - 09:46:10 CDT

For those "straight-key" guys, I just received my Vibroplex Code Mite
straight key serial #86 in yesterdays mail and I wanted to share my first
impressions with you.

Well the key has a shiny plastic base that would appear to be
flimsy but in fact it is very stable when in use. The Vibroplex name and
serial number are laser engraved into the plastic base. Wonder if
they would engrave your call sign?

I would have liked a sub-minature jack to plug in the key cord; however
Wayne (K8FF) explained how the use of solder lugs is more versatile.

A great advantage to me is the key itself is chrome and therefore is no
to polish it to keep it looking good like brass.

The little key has a great "feel" to me and I will be taking my little
"Code Mite"
 into the field for portable use, I may even use it at home too!

Ron - N1ZSW

PS - If my key is serial #86 how about the other 85 give us their opinion.

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