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Another thing I would like to put out, the subject
of climbing a tree. I do not remember which is
which, but one will climb the tree and get you.
On the otherhand, the other one merely knocks
tree over...............

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Since QRP camping is widely done, I submit this to the
Following from an editorial discussion on bears:
"Black bears are not a danger to people if left alone. Do not
approach a
black bear or place yourself between mother and cubs. Black bears
avoid humans whenever possible.

On the other hand, grizzly bears should be avoided at all costs.
will attack whether threatened or not. They are dangerous.

An excellent way to keep bears away is for each hiker to wear a
belt with
little bells attached. Bears do not like the noise made by bells
and will
avoid you. It will also help to carry a can of pepper spray.

Learn to identify the kinds of bears in the area you are hiking
in. A
good way is to examine the droppings you find.

The droppings of black bears are coal black and usually found atop
rock. Grizzlies, on the other hand, have fairly normal droppings
that on
close examination will reveal fragmented pieces of little bells
and have
a strong smell of pepper spray.

I hope this helps the hiker."

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