FOX:Can't Wait for the Return of 40m!


From: Kenneth Hoglund (
Date: Fri Aug 31 2001 - 07:21:41 CDT

Well, scratch another effort at pelts! Got on just after 3:00 utc and
could barely hear Jerry N9AW. Waited for an opening and took a shot, but
if he did reply it faded quickly. Stuck around for a bit but never heard
him come back to even esp levels.

Moved up frequency and heard Marshall N1FN pretty strongly, but with
strong ebbing and flowing. Ok, I told myself, you wait for an opening
when the signal is flowing in and take the shot---listen, listen....Now!
Marshall sends back "?" and then the tide goes out. No qso. Listen some
more, try again, and again, and a few more times until I decided 20m is
just to qsb'y for the night to make the effort worth it.

Skunked last week by thunderstorms that moved in just when the hunt was
underway, and now qsb taking my signals away! Just wait till I get up
with you foxii on 40m---fur will fly!

73 and thanks to all the foxii--


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