HDD disaster (Nigel, Ade, Karl K., the EICO schematics, SCRs, parts bags)


From: Ed Tanton (n4xy@att.net)
Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 19:39:41 CDT

Despite having two big drives, with Outlook on one, and a backup
(outlook.pst) on the other, I recently suffered the 'BLUE SCREEN of
DEATH' with my (total of) 60GB WIN 2000 PRO system. This, despite
McAffee Active Shield and Zonelabs Pro-protection. BOTH hard-drives had
lost their partitions. Primary losses would have included all my EXCEL
Tax Files for the past 10 years; HR files; all my best (and I might add:
legitimate) working software like OFFICE 2000 Premium etc. etc. ad
infinitum/ad nauseum.

Despite a 36 hour struggle, including a new motherboard, HDD, and WIN 2K
boot on that new HDD, they were NOT recoverable with any and all
measures known to me after a lot of years of this. Enter a company
named: DTI Data <www.dtidata.com> . It wasn't cheap: for WIN 2000 Pro:
$250. They actually emailed (to my wife's office-this cpu being mine) a
small program that promptly recovered ~ 75% of 2 out of 3 of the
partitions. The original WIN 2K PRO partition wasn't there because yours
truly didn't know that ANYTHING-short of an HDD platter swap in a
Class-whatever cleanroom-could recover partitions once the 'usual' set
of remedies had been tried... So I had tried formatting THAT NTFS
partition in hopes of recovering the other 2. No dice.

The short of it is that I DID get the tax files, but did not get any of
my emails* or program registrations, or URL-links back. The ' * ' is
because there was-for some unknown reason-a copy of outlook.pst that was
current through DEC 31, 2000 (perhaps a moment of Y2K fever prompted a
separate backup?) Anyway, that got me a lot of historical stuff, along
with my basic email folder structure, but...

If I was supposed to send you anything (remember those small SCR/goodie
bags I am so late on? Well I do.) And Ade... there was something for
you... As well as several other guys for schematics, parts, whatever.
Also Karl K. And Nigel. All my EBAY stuff was lost too. None of this
stuff was for money, but I said I would do it, and now I can't. So, let
me hear from you, please. Especially Nigel-I don't have ANYTHING in
print, not the phone nr, nor your email address.

My apologies for the BW, but this is the only way to do this in a
reasonably timely fashion.

P.S. The system is up and running, mostly re-registered, with the
website being reverse-loaded from my ISP (QSL.NET). The cause remains

73 Ed Tanton N4XY <n4xy@arrl.net>

website: <http://www.qsl.net/n4xy/>

Ed Tanton N4XY
189 Pioneer Trail
Marietta, GA 30068-3466

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