RE: Costco "Atomic" clock


From: Larry Cahoon (
Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 15:25:49 CDT

I will granted all this is true. But then the next question is how do I
know that I have be subject to harmful interference from a part 15
devise? Only then can I begin to address the issue of getting it
corrected. Most of these things don't seem to want to tell me what
frequency they are using. Worst yet, I don't own the devise so I don't
even know it exists and is running under Part 15. I suspect there is no
national(?) registration of these devises. So it can be real hard for me
the typical amateur to know where the interference is coming from.

73 de Larry...............WD3P

At 10:53 AM 08/21/01 -0400, Hare,Ed, W1RFI wrote:
>Hi, Dave,
>These devices are FCC Certificated under Part 15 rules as "periodic
>emitters." The ones I have look at transmit for about 50 milliseconds every
>30 seconds or so. Most operate on 433.92 MHz, a European Industrial,
>Scientific and Medical band. To date, I have no reports of harmful
>interference to Amateur communications from legal devices. One fact that is
>not well understood amongst amateurs is that all amateur spectrum is shared
>with somebody. Part 15 devices can legally operate on any amateur
>frequency (and most non-amateur frequencies, too) at the various levels
>defined in the rules. They are unconditionally secondary to other radio

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