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From: Mike Yetsko (
Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 17:44:23 CDT

Laser printers and Xerox type machines use a 'toner'
that is set by temperature. You can't do that with an
'ink jet' type printer which uses liquid that 'dries'.

But you CAN take that 'ink jet' print to a copier and
just 'copy' it to get a toner copy.

One thing. MOST copiers do NOT copy exactly 100%.
They either expand or contract the image just a bit. Will
it be critical? Depends on the copier and what you're
trying to do.

If you copy from an Ink Jet to a toner copier, I'd put
'reference marks' on your original near the corners at
about even inch spacing. Like two dots at the top,
EXACTLY 7" apart. Then two at the bottom,
EXACTLY 10" down from the top kind of thing.
Then when you make a SINGLE copy, MEASURE
your marks and see how close they are. Will it matter
in most cases? Depends on what you're trying to
'lay out'. But if it's too far off, see if your copier can
zoom in or out to compensate. Some will zoom at
1%, but some older ones only at 5% or even 10%
steps. Some simple ones only zoom to specific
steps. But some high end copiers have a linear zoom.


> Wow! Lots of useful info! I'm getting plenty of suggestions involving
> laser printers and Xerox machines. Is there any way to use ink jet
> printers?
> 72/73
> Rob, kc0bom

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