RE: Iron on schematics


From: E. Roswell (
Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 17:00:44 CDT

>...Perhaps it is possible to use just an ordinary xerox paper for the
  Yes. I have an ink-jet printer, but take the reversed layout to our local
copy store and make a couple Xerox copies, with good dark contrast, on the
regular store copy paper. I cut the pattern to size, lay over PCB material
and iron until I can see the toner taking. I set it on "linen", i.e. hottest
setting, and paper is close to burning. Move it all around to ensure good
contact. I usually make four small boards to ensure at least one good take.
(Always reusable, just peel off, steel-wool it and start over.)
When the board is done, I lay it in a small container of water to cover. The
paper after a time (half hour?) gets mushy and you can roll it off with your
fingers. Where it doesn't roll easily, as between fine traces, I take a
scriber or knife point and scratch it off. Then simply put it in the etching
solution. I have only used this with simple layouts, not with complicated or
fine lines, I don't think it would hold the resolution.
73, Ed,

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