RE: Iron on schematics


From: Villi Idunni (
Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 15:30:21 CDT

I have been using a film from Maplin in the UK which is just UFB for this.
It is a special film for laser printers and then the layout is just ironed
on the board with a regular household hot iron (my YL gave me an old one
just for the hobby, hihi).
The toner in the laser printer is fine for protection in the etching and
this makes the finest PCBs. It can also been used with a Xerox copier, but
the picture has to be mirrored, of course.
It is not cheap, but gives first class job.
Perhaps it is possible to use just an ordinary xerox paper for the
What about disconnecting the fuser unit in the laser printer and then iron
it on the board??
Just an idea,

72, de Villi TF3VS

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