Elecraft K2 for sale


From: Tim and Nancy Logan (cyr999@extremezone.com)
Date: Sat Jun 23 2001 - 11:02:19 CDT

Hello - I am selling one of my K2's to make room and
gather some dollars. This K2 is fully loaded with all the modules
available. Its was built last Fall for me by a highly qualified
builder/engineer and true gentleman named Frank LaFranco. Gary Surrency,
from Elecraft, told me it is one of the best building jobs he has seen.
Frank is a
soldering artist. I have a second K2 kit which I NOW HAVE THE CONFIDENCE
TO BUILD - having now built both a K1 and an OHR 500 without a hitch (I
was amazed I could do it!). This K2 operates beautifully and is
immaculate. I am asking $950 plus shipping. I would require a money
order and will then ship. If you have been looking for a K2 but do not
have the desire to build one I
think you will be more than pleased with the quality of this build.
Please respond by e-mail to cyr999@extremezone.com. I can also be
reached at work during the day 480-763-1300 or at home evenings
480-497-9888. Thank you.
Tim Logan KB7OEX Gilbert, AZ

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