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Date: Sat Jun 23 2001 - 06:52:20 CDT

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Hello Ed and Gang,

> Amen. This discussion about "gentlemen's agreements" is far from
> gentlemanly.

This conversation should have never, ever taken
place on QRP-L. I begged and pleaded for people
to send me e-mail on this subject. Most did. BTW,
Bill took my private e-mail and posted it to a public
list without my consent. I don't know if you know this,
but that is a Federal Offense punishable by inprisonment
and hefty fines. If I really wanted to be the jerk that some
of you think that I am, I could take this further and possibly
even get QRP-L shut down. I'm not going to do this, and
I'm just going to treat this as childish banter, but someone
else might come along and not look at it this way.

This is a _very_ serious thing that Bill did. Not only that,
he did this so that he could try and bait me and get others
to defend him here, knowing that I was going to lose out
in the long run. Actually, I figured this out and decided to
take the bait anyway, because I was then being attacked
in a public forum; I will always defend myself in this situation.
He didn't care about all the commotion that was going to
take place on the list. Also, he never sent me a private e-mail
when he posted my e-mail to the list. He just posted his reply
to me on the list and let it take its course. Now, are these the
actions of a gentleman, and do you people still wonder why
I've said and done the things that I've done? THINK about
this, and put yourself in that situation.

Enough of this. Let's get back to QRP, helping others,
and beer :^).


HAMateur Radio: AB5NI

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