Re: PSK31 and the MAC


From: John Rollins (
Date: Fri Jun 22 2001 - 23:29:39 CDT

>I am planning to use my Warbler with my MAC ibook. I purchased a
>device that provides audio input and output through the USB port.
>The computer has no serial port. How can I connect the serial
>connector? There must be an adaptor for serial to USB. Also, can
>the rig be operated without that connection? I would appreciate any
>advice. Thanks.

There are indeed serial to USB adaptors. They seem kinda pricey to
me, but then the USB chips are rather expensive too. Keyspan makes a
good one, I think it has one serial port but they might make a dual
port model also. Single serial port runs about $70-80 IIRC. The
cheapest you will find will probably be in the $70 range, I haven't
seen anything cheaper yet. I got a nice dock for my iMac... Has a
floppy drive, ADB port, two serial ports and a 4-port USB hub all in
one! And it sits neatly under the computer. They make a similar model
for G3/4 desktops.
There is a Mac mailing list over on called ham-mac, has about
325 subscribers last I checked. Fairly light traffic levels, nothing
compared to this monstrous QRP list. Maybe a dozen messages a month,
more if there's an interesting discussion. To get on the list, send a
message to with the text "subscribe ham-mac" in the
body of the message. There is also an archive and a listserv
interface on the web site at if you prefer to deal
with web sites instead of email servers.
You don't mention what software you plan to use, there is a program
at called MultiMode that does PSK31,
although I've never used it. I suppose it might be possible to run PC
software if you can get the USB-Serial adaptor to talk through a
program like SoftWindows or VirtualPC.


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