A-T UN-Alert: let's talk about lightning....


From: ss lyon (sslyon@megalink.net)
Date: Sun Jun 10 2001 - 21:27:09 CDT

It isn't often that this kind of thing comes up...
Sharon and I went to church today (!!!!) then to a "steering committee"
meeting meeting at someone's home down there in Bryant Pond, ME. Great
meeting and lunch... watching the grossbeaks, finches and humming birds
feeding out on the deck... and as we were preparing to leave, an 155mm
howitzer went off. No rain, no warning, just some clouds... just a blinding
flash and explosion that 'bout dropped us all to our knees for the wrong
reason... -maybe to check if it was time to change the Depends. We looked
around to take inventory, and saw nothing out of the ordinary. After the
first couple left, we were still looking around when someone noticed that
one of the trees just 50' off the deck had a stripe down the trunk. It was
60-70' white pine, and sure enough, there was two stripes where the strike
had peeled between 1 and 3 inches of bark in a spiral down the trunk.

So.... having experienced that BLAST, there was NO way I was going to
connect my 88' dipole and 270' of HB ladderline to the rig and see how Steve
"Melt Solder" and the other A-T die-hards were doing. In fact, I was
worried about hearing that Steve might be a melted blob over there on the
A-T mountain site just a few miles away. Now, hearing the travails of the
VP/PID expedition on top of all that, I've got a whole new perspective on
forecasts and safety. Oh... Yeaa....

72 / 73,
 "Seab" Lyon - AA1MY
 Bethel, ME 04217 USA

Seabury & Sharon Lyon
99 Sparrowhawk Mtn Rd
Bethel, Me, 04217 U.S.A.
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From: "Jim Cluett" <w1pid@yahoo.com>
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Subject: AT UN-Alert

> Let's be up front. This is a story about
> a failed AT mission.
> It was awful! We (K1VP and I) got to the trailhead and
> we
> could hear the thunder. I put up an antenna
> anyway. 30 feet into a nice branch. Then it
> poured. Then it hailed. Then it stopped and I
> started listening on 20 meters. Sounded dead.
> Then it rained again. Finally the sun came out...
> and it got worse. We decided to move to a place
> where we could watch the weather coming in. Near
> a small lake. The weather looked OK. We set up again.
> Ed put up his SLV near the lake. He was going to
> operate
> 15 meters with his Sierra. I went over to the outfall.
> It was a dam with a scrubby pine tree nearby. I got
> the
> wire up in the tree 18 feet or so. And I thought I'd
> sit
> on the cement dam abutment. Then I smelled the pee
> (excuse
> me). OK.. I'll put up with the smell. Then it was the
> ants.
> I must have somehow stirred up a nest. There were
> hundreds of
> them. all over my legs, the rig (DSW-20), in my shoes.
> OK...
> I can stand the ants... I have a duty here. Then it
> started to sprinkle. Done.
> Neither Ed nor I made any contacts. We failed. I
> simply
> cannot guarantee that we will ever try again.
> -the end-
> p.s. This is the first time either Ed or I have
> ever operated in the field and failed to make a
> contact.
> Jim w1pid@arrl.net
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