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From: Kevin Nathan (
Date: Sun Jun 10 2001 - 20:13:00 CDT

Hi All,

Well, I've been over to the new house with a ham buddy and my XYL and I have
some interesting info. First, there is a perfect place where the Gap Titan
would fit nicely either ground mounted or up off the ground including the
counterpoise frame at the bottom. Looking at the arrangement in the small
grove of trees which is on my property, they appear much too thick to run a
lot of wire antennas in inverted vee or flat top configurations.

However, there is one nice big tree kind of att the edge of the grove with a
good tie off place for antennas about 40 to 50 feet up. From that point,
there is a nice clear shot to the opposite corner of the yard over the tops
of some small trees which could permit perhaps even a quarterwave of wire
for 160. I am thinking of having a tree service come out and place a pulley
in that tree for me with a halyard coming down to the ground. Now, for my
question. I looked on the net but can't really find out much about
multiband slopers. Do any of you on this list have any good information on
something commercially available in sloper configuration which would allow
operation from ten to 160? I would like to keep the ease of band switching
I had available with my B&W folded dipole in Boise if possible. Also, would
40 to 50 feet of wire run down this tree to the ground and a ground rod
driven in at that point be sufficient to work against or would you recommend
something more?

Again, thanks for all of your advice and I eagerly look forward to the ideas
of this group. When you reply to me, please send cc to my work address of so I can get responses at work tomorrow where I will be
possibly making calls to order antennas. 72 to all.
Kevin, K7RX

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