Re: Poles, Inverted V's, and Lists, Oh my!


From: David Heintzleman (
Date: Sun Jun 03 2001 - 16:35:53 CDT

I would go with a St. louis vertical, be lazy, rather than make a
loading coil, would just make a vertical on the collapsible fishing pole
for 22 feet, see W4RNL's "If I Had Only One Antenna" , make about 8-16
radials, feed with ladder line, tuner for 30-10 mtrs.

My favorite is that antenna on a DK9SQ mast, with a NJQRP base or a
piece of pole in ground, holding the feed point up about 11 feet off
earth. Or from ARS Sojourner, tape a 33 ft wire to mast, put 16 radials
down -
Dave K8BBM

Kenneth Hoglund wrote:
> In the middle of far too many meanderings I ended up at the local
> Wal-Mart, and checked on those dandy golf ball retrievers. Yup, had the
> 15 ft model in stock for $10. Not very heavy, looks durable, but 15 ft
> is a bit shy for an inverted V on 40m.
> The kids and I are planning a field trip to a local high point for some
> in the field operating, and having scouted the site, it looks like an
> inverted V would be the best antenna option---open rock with no trees
> does not make a dipole look possible.
> All that I know about Inverted V's can be listed on the thin end of the
> golf ball retriever pole, but I assume the mid-point needs to be up at
> least a 1/4 wavelength just like its cousin the dipole in order to get
> any directionality to the signal. That would be 16+ feet. So, has anyone
> successfully used one of these handy retrievers for an inverted 40m V
> and if so, did you supplement the height of the pole?
> And, after considering this might be a useful thing in light of the
> coming Field Day, not to mention all the nice warm weather for other
> outside operating fun, could several of you "been there, done that"
> veterans share with us a list of what you would not go out into the
> field without? Since I'm probably not the only newbie to field qrping,
> there are others who would benefit.
> 73
> Ken KG4FGC

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