Georgia Sierra Scores MA and PA on Six Meters at <= 500mW


From: Sam Billingsley (
Date: Sat May 26 2001 - 19:56:43 CDT

There was a neat six meter band opening today and still going on at 0036utc

I decided to warm up the Sierra and turn my roof mounted 3 el. beam to NNE.

Heard several New Engand stations and VE3 on CW aroundt 50.090 +/-.

Decided to respond to their CQs.


0016 KB3CBO Ed Perkiomenville, PA fn20 not sure power or ant
0023 K1GDH Ed Webster, MA fn42 40 watts 4 el

Everyone gave everyone 599 reports (I think they're just happy to work

So it is possible to work 6 meter QRPP with simple antenna and BAND OPENING.

Here's my 6 meter band module in place:

and here's a BIG picture of the rig setup on operating table:

I haven't worked out the miles per watt but this has got to be a record for
a Sierra. Note this Sierra in patterned after the ARRL Handbook Norcal
Sierra with the W3IRZ mods for different IF (4.000 mHz) and varactor
tuning on VFO. I also have mods to include some of the Wayne Burdick changes
he outlined (in QRPp) when he created the Wilderness Sierra version.

Sam Billingsley AE4GX Atlanta, GA em73

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