All them 6 meter answers


Date: Sat May 26 2001 - 02:04:05 CDT


Chong rahmat for all the help & advice on the 6m deal. I was out on
Sunday with the radio in the car and found that (a) I could key up the
local 6m repeater from North Dayton, but not from home. Which I expected.
I also heard some folks working skip across the country. Midwest to East
coast, Michigan to Florida. And this morning (Monday) when I got up to
recuperate from Dayton, I heard a guy calling someone on 50.125 USB. I
was gonna answer him but he disappeared to soon. Good local signal.

So I ain't completely nuts just yet.

Since I was out grocery shoppin' & gettin' paint for the last part of the
kitchen rehab, I didn't have much time to play around or listen on
whatever I found would have signals on it. However, I did dream up a
couple weird ideas about antennas while I was drivin'. And earlier had
discovered that the big chonk of wire hangin' off the 25 ft pole actually
does catch signals a bit.

More stuff! I must have more stuff! Even if I do have to build it!

Then, a couple days later: Cindy & the youngest wanted to go to the local
hot-shot ice cream place, Youngs (if you live any where near Yellow
Springs, OH, you know the place) Dairy, so we went. The night before I'd
stuffed myself to the point where I got up this morning for work & didn't
feel the least bit needing breakfast or even a cup of coffee.

So I'm still stuffed. The tom cat what's been hanging around spent the
day at the vet getting his pronoun altered & I'm still stuffed.

But going over & coming back the weather went from clear & cool to rain &
cool and back again a couple times. And remembering what little I do of
what I once knew about RF under such conditions, I turned on the FT690 &
heard, of all things, beacons. Yeah. Real beacon signals from Nevada,
Colorado & Kansas. And up frequency a bit I heard someone having a CW
QSO! Can you believe it? On VHF I hear CW.

And me without a "real" antenna . . . Or, as one of my former OVTN
cronies would say, me without "a signal."

Now to get some PVC pipe & the dremel tool for the circuit board & the
amplifier parts from Rogers & not to eat too much between now & the next
time I feel like eatin' again. Especially potatoes.

Hmmm . . . maybe this is the beginnin' of a new mania . . .

73 & thanks for the many advices & suggestions. And the one or two who
wrote with condolences for my having finally really gone completely &
unretrievably nutso.

 . . . hatten er din . . hatten er din . . .
Nils R. Bull Young -- El Gringo Errante -- La Estancia de los Guajolotes
Sonrientes -- W8IJN --
"In MY day we FIGHT to have earphones! Every DAY was STRUGGLE!"
                         -- Comrade Nikolai Sergeievich McTovarishov, 19
Oct 1917

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