Re: Need antenna info please


From: Louis Hlousek (
Date: Fri May 25 2001 - 22:20:14 CDT

HamSticks works about as well as any center loaded 7' whip on 20 meters
and above. They need counterpoises as would any whip. HamStick
knockoffs go for around $20. The downside is they only work on one band
so your up to $100 for 5 bands worth. If you have two on the same band
you can make a short loaded dipole out of them.

You would be far better off with a wire dipole or end-fed half wave if
at all possible. If space is really tight you can string up one leg of
the dipole and lay the other on the ground or floor to serve as
counterpoise. Won't work as well as strung up dipole. The wire can be
very fine, like magnet wire or wirewrap wire if it need to be


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