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Those sure look like monolithics.

Quite often designers will use a polystyrene cap in a VFO. The reason is
that a PS cap has the opposite temperature coefficient to the inductor.
Usually the PS will be in parallel to an NPO or even a monolithic to get the
right balance in temperature coefficients. This can be pretty tedious
business, getting it right. One rig I saw, maybe the OHR-100, had about a
half dozen caps in parallel of different types in an attempt to make the
coefficients work out right.

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> I was lucky enough to remember that a QRP Homebrewer I previously read
> had an article about capacitors by Paul Harden, NA5N. This is the
> Winter, 2000 edition of that journal.
> In that article, Paul states that the difference between Ceramic and NPO
> Ceramics are that the NPO's have a stable temperature coefficient. He
> says that non-NPO caps should be avoided in frequency determining
> circuits (like VFO's).
> In the VFO that I'm building for the MH101 project, I *think* I may have
> used two non-NPO caps for C4 and C8 in the VFO. I'm finding it difficult
> to ID what type these caps are. From the descriptions in Paul's article,
> they appear to be either Monolithic Ceramic Caps or Polyester Film caps.
> In the picture at: - they
> are the two yellow capacitors on the board. They are marked 121 CIE and
> 332 AIJ. Using the tables on pg 62 and 63 of the article, I can't find
> anything about the CIE or AIJ markings on these caps.
> Can someone kindly ID these caps for me?
> More importantly, are they OK to use in the VFO of the radio? I'm at the
> point now where they can be easily replaced.
> Thanks es 73,
> John, KB1ENS
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