Pocket SWR-LED indicator


From: Steve/n0tu (n0tu@webaccess.net)
Date: Sun May 13 2001 - 12:42:14 CDT

Hi Folks,

Using the ScQrpinons (Dan's) SWR sensing circuit I built this little Pocket
SWR indicator into a small plastic pill box. No switch - just remove it when
you got a match. The short black tube on top is for the light from the LED
so you can read this thing in bright daylight - no problem! Works great. I
think the circuit is the same as the one in the ZM-2 or close.

Handy to have in the pack for checking what's going on at the rig end of the
antenna. Some would say too many goodies to haul into the wild. But I prefer
knowing my milliwatts are getting past the ant jack.


Cheers, Steve/n0tu

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