AR Sprint, YES!!!


From: Rod Cerkoney (
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 22:46:26 CDT


Thanks one and all for a great time. I've been away from ARS Sprints
for about a year because of my work sked, but I changed jobs and can
play again! ;-)

46 QSOs for my return effort, not bad considering the X17 flare event
earlier in the day. 20m was best 41 Qs, 40m was noisy only 5 Qs, and I
had to walk away from a few. Most rewarding was getting to work Dean,
KH6B in HI on 20m, near the end, and W9FN in IN running only 200mw on
20m right at the end. Had to dig for those!

To those I didn't work, couldn't work sorry, let's give it a try same
time next month.

Setup here was my trusty K2 #286 @5W into my attic dipole. (Folks, if
your going to QRP contest, then you just gotta have a K2!)

Thanks one and all for a great return to ARS Sprinting: K0EVZ, AF4PS,
K7TQ, N5IB, WA4DOU, K7RE, N7RVD and a bunch of other familiar

73, Rod N0RC
Ft Collins CO

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