HUGE X17 Flare - no joke!


From: Paul Harden, NA5N (
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 18:36:34 CDT

This is NOT an April 1st joke.

A HUGE X17.1 solar flare recently occured, at 2APR 2132-2151UTC.
SOHO and LASCO images are pending to identify the region of origination,
although it was likely region 9393 that has caused all the excitement
this past week. Region 9393 is now on the limb of the sun about to
rotate out of view, so we will NOT be hit directly from the effects of
this flare, but the fringe power of electrons, protons, and later the
particle shockwave may hit us.

If I recall correctly, the "grand daddy flare" in 1964 was an X12. So
this is uncharted territory.

I'll post details later when the information/prediction on things is
released by NOAA.

Nearly drove the x-ray power off the chart.

Details *may* be posted later on the NASA site at:

72, Paul NA5N

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