FOX: XTREME Fox Hunt Arrangements


From: Marshall Emm (
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 16:52:33 CDT

Hi, Guys--

Probably a reasonable time to go over the ground rules again, eh? But first the
bad news-- Governor Ventura will not be able to do the play-by-play, due to
other duties.

The Xtreme Foxhunt will be tomorrow evening (US) Tuesday, from 0100-0300Z
regardless of what that works out to in local daylight savings or spending

All the foxes will be on at the same time, and each will find his own
frequency, ideally avoiding qrm to/from other operators, foxes or not.
There will be close to 20 foxes on, and they are being encouraged to spread out
between 7030 and 7060, or even farther afield if neccessary.

The foxes will call CQ FOX and MAY sign as callsign/FOX. The exchange is Fox
Standard, i.e. RST SPC NAME POWER

The foxes will be on the air for the entire 2 hours but keep in mind that they
may have to change frequency once in a while. Foxes will NOT be working each

Stronger fox stations are of course more likely to attract multiple hounds at
the same time, but we don't expect to see "big" pileups anything like the
regular hunts. You should expect to work zero-beat for the most part,
certainly within normal "RIT range" of a KHz or so. Split operation should not
be necessary and is probably a bad idea. And both foxes and hounds are
cautioned that venturing away from zero-beat will likely cause confusion over
who is working whom. For example, if I hear a station up 500Hz, I may have
trouble figuring out whether he is calling me 500Hz high or some other fox
500Hz low.

At the end of the hunt the foxes will send their logs to N1TP as usual. Hounds
do not need to send in a log. Results, such as they are, will be posted when
Tom has a chance to process the logs. No prizes, no awards, just the
satisfaction of knowing you've done a difficult job well.

This is the first time this has been attempted, so who knows how it will play?
But that's half the fun of QRP-- trying something new once in a while [g].

Good luck, and may the Fox be with you!



Marshall Emm, N1FN
Milestone Technologies, Inc.
(303) 752-3382

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