Re: 80/40M Mobile Antennas (RE: QRP mobile questions)


From: Jay Bromley (
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 16:47:56 CDT

Mark and gang hi,
Mark good post and I am sure you know that the narrower bandwidth also helps
on noise reduction. I have no ignition noise on 75 meters, but when the
bandwidth gets wider on the higher bands things get a little noisy and I
have to resort to Noise Blanker, turn on or off the pre-amp, use the RF
gain, and DSP or a combination of all. On 75m phone nets I can often out
hear the net ops because they are dealing with more noise on with their full
size antennas. My current setup is a 3 or 4 inch coil and the overall
length is around 12-13 feet. I haven't measure it in a while. Sure kicks
bootie on 40m for a mobile. This technique sure works for going after DXCC
on 160m with a small antenna on a small back yard lot. The only thing I
hate is having to constantly tune the thing, but when I get rich I will be
going to a Vern Wright super screwdriver antenna. Look at the new Force 12
verticals, Tom tells me the Q is around 1500 for the coils! Turn a handicap
into an plus, grin!!!

73 de w5jay..

....... That helps in keeping bandwidth
> narrow....
> What's that?? A narrow bandwidth?? Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!

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