New Kit---Digital Power Meter


From: Steven Weber (
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 09:03:04 CDT

Announcing the latest "limited edition" Melt Solder kit

True RMS digital RF power meter.

 0-9.999 watts, rms
(1 mw resalution)
+/- 5% accuracy at full scale
4 digit led display
analog output
built in 10 W dummy load
no calibration required
Board kit, you supply enclosure and connectors
( board is 3.5" x 2.25", 1.75" depth required)
price, $59.95, post paid. (DX stations add $5.00 for air mail)

This meter is based on the Analog Devices AD8361 TruPwr (tm) rms
voltage detector chip. Unlike diode rectifier power meters, which are
only accurate if the input signal is a pure sine wave, the 8361
provides a true rms voltage conversion of any AC input signal
waveform. This could be a sine wave, square wave or a signal with
complex modulation, such as ssb voice or digital modulation.

The 8361 can measure signals up to 2.5 Ghz. This meter isn't designed
to operate over the full range the 8361 is capable of, although it
should be reasonably accurate up to 150 Mhz.

The A/D converter uses a unique Delta-Sigma intergrating conversion
scheme, which results in a very linear conversion with high
resalution. (7071 counts) Conversion time is about once a second.
A bufferd analog output is available so an optional analog meter can
be added to aid in peaking circuits.

This is not an in-line watt meter. To be accurate, the meter must
measure the voltage across a known 50 ohm load, hence the built in 50
ohm dummy load. The inherent accuracy of the 8361 and the use of 1%
resistors and a 0.5% voltage reference for the A/D ensures accuracy
without the need for any calibration.

Kits will be available in about 6 weeks. In the mean time, if you'd
like one, please reserve a kit by sending me an email, so I'll know
how many sets of parts to order. Thanks.

Steve, KD1JV in the white Mountains of New Hampshire
"melt solder"

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