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Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 07:38:32 CDT

This and several other postings on the subject, I think, confirms what I've
said for a long time about HF mobile operations.

Mobile operation on HF can be done quite satisfactorily. This includes 40
meters. Choice of antenna is going to make the big difference, however.
This antenna is going to present more matching challenges and its
performance on 40 though acceptable, is not going to be outstanding.

If you want BETTER performance on 40 (and I'll argue for the higher bands as
well) and less difficulty matching it, there is a much better alternative.

Most of those who are the most "wowed" by their HF mobile operating
experience are using Hustler.

Disclaimer: Some of the very large (HUGE) antennas and some that are
electronically adjustable provide very good performance as well. Those
present sometimes significant challenges to mounting however. They are
generally in a differnet price class as well. I'm talking about antennas
which can be mounted exactly the same way and on the same mounts.

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> Hi Richard,
> I am a HamStick enthusiast; I have sticks for 10, 17, 20, and 40. I will
> that 40M is really pushing it with respect to adequate ground (car body)
> beneath the antenna. Efficiency is lower compared to higher bands.
> If you like 15M, spring for a 15M whip and give it a whirl. If your
> is like mine, you'll find the higher bands make for easier matching and
> efficiency.

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