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From: George Gingell (
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 02:13:25 CDT

Yes, Paul Atlanticon 2001 was sure fun. I was a real pleasure to finally
meet you in person. Glad we were able to have you attend the "Maryland
Milliwatt" Parking Lot Mini QRP Show Es Tell :^} Hope the photos come
out. I also signed up Ten New Members for QRP ARCI and Sold out on the
Carton of Back issues. Well, Actually I gave away a large Stack to those
who did not "Win A Prize" :^} How about those two kids building their
PSK31 Audio Beacons on the Breadboards. Brother and Sister Team. I gave
them a stack of Back issues also. Marcus is not a ham.. YET I don't know
about his sister. Everything got so hectic about that time.

Anyway it was good fun. Those Beacons were a real kick. I hope they got
pix of them. I liked the one by Rex Harper W1REX. His PCB was in the
Shape of the State of Maine. Including the Pads. Also he had a Servo Motor
and Speaker that made it a bit like a Radar Tower in operation.

I don't knnow how the judges decided, there was a whole table full of neat

The NJQRP gang sure did a great job with it all. Wish I could have made it
for the earlier Forums, but It was still worth the trip just for the
Saturday Evening Events.

Sir George, The First :^)

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