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Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 00:53:09 CDT

On Sun, 1 Apr 2001, Clive Hollins wrote:
> Meanwhile I bought one of the
> German grp masts and hang a wire 3 band (20/15/10)
> homebrew trap vertical from it. And very effective
> it is too!

How do you like the Mast? Have you seen the 40-10 Quad Add-on? That
sounds real appealing.

> The base tube is slipped over an 18 inch
> pipe welded to a piece of angle iron. The angle is
> bolted with 2 M5 stainless bolts and wing nuts to a
> frame made of the same angle iron which slips under
> the wheel of my car. It equally well slips under
> the edge of my garden shed shack so I can go
> portable or use it at home. Dismantled it sits in
> the car boot reasonably flat for /P work. Maybe

Sure would like to see a Photo of the Metal Base mount.

> Patrick could send me his address so I can order
> some GRP poles to make a quad!

I wonder if these are the same as the Fiber Glass Fishing Poles we get
over here? There are two different Producers over here. One is the SD-20
made in USA by South Bend. It is available from "WorldRadio Magazine"
$ 19.95 plus S/H World Radio 2120 28th Street Sacramento, CA 95818
Or call to order by charge cards: (916) 457-3655 <>

The Other two are From Caballea's Fishing Catalog, There is a 20 Foot (6m)
"Black Widow" and a 13 Foot (4m) Model They Call them "Crappie Rods" which
is a Breed of Small Pan Size Fish which is very lively to catch.
A true "QRP Fighting fish :^}"

I don't have the price details handy, but could dig them out if needed.
Likely they are quite similar to what you can get locally in U.K.

> P.S. I also own an arc welder, so welding the bits
> was a doddle.

Maybe you should make up some and sell locally. I would think they would
sell well at the Rally/Ham Fest Besides, You can always have fun
operating while you make money. :^}

> Lot of talk about mast's lately, around here you can buy 9mtr long roach
> pole's (fibre glass ) for 25 and the 5mtr one's for 8.

It sounds like your poles are a bit longer than the ones we get. Is that
Price 25 Pounds and 8 Pounds? The symbol shows funny on my pc.

Also I have not checked the Exchange Rate Lately. I just found $ 1.47 per
Pound. That would make them about $ 37.50 and $ 12.00 respectively.

I think ours were about $ 20.00 and $ 15.00 for slighlty smaller poles.

Also the top section is not very useful. I find that It is too flexible on
anything but a light verticle element.

> Most get used to support a wire as a GP or my favourite for field days a
> vertical end fed wire. The man at the shop said a lot of caravaner's
> also buy them to put TV ant's on too?

Don't you chaps take your QRP Gear on Holidays ? Yes, I know some XYL's
only barely tolerate hame radio :^}

> Wonder if any one buy's them for fishing?

That is the real bright spot on these "Fishing Poles"

When the Fish Ain't Biting, you can Play with the Radios.

When The Band Closes, You "Go fishing." :^}

> Patrick gw0vmr

Want to have some real fun ? Get yourself a Silk Kite, a "Black Widow"

(Any Fiber Glass Pole in the 20 Ft or longer length), Some Small Guage
Teflon Wire, a length of Pipe to stick in the sand to hold the pole, a
ground rod, a Choke Coil or High Value Resistor and atu. It is a good idea
to DC Ground the Wire, as High Voltage Static Charges Build Quickly.

They not only bite you, but they can zap the receiver also.

I use a Small Sock like kite (Parafoil?) that I found at a Sports
Outfitter store. It even has its own nylon bag and kite string. Just jam
it into the bag when done. To Fly it, just take out of the bag and toss it
into the air. the kite fills with air and away it goes.

You should have seen my first effort. I had it attached to fishing line on
a reel type rod for fun. Only The end of the string was not secured. The
next scene is a not so young chap chasing a string across about a mile of
sand dunes. Lucky for me, it snagged on some brush just before the kite
headed across the big pond. I was on Holiday in Cape May, NJ at the time.

You don't even need the radio for FUN. :^} Besides it is good practice for
later when you need a Quick Portable Antenna. I would recommend about 85
foot of wire for the Long Wire element. and 17 ft counter poise. W3EDP
Design. Next time I get over to my Brother-in-laws place in Filey I hope
to try it from the Cliffs. Filey, North Yorkshire is up near Scarborough.

It has got to be a good spot for working Europe, etc. Now I am thinking
which way does the wind blow over at Blackpool?

There are also some delightful spots up there in Scotland as well.

Oh, to truly be retired. :^}

"72" = "Wishing You Good QRP" (C) Oleg Borodin, RV3GM (Micro 80 Kit)

Sir George, The First :^)

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