Re: Walt's big mouth!!!


From: Donald E Sanders (
Date: Sun Apr 01 2001 - 22:58:16 CDT

I apologize to the list but I cannot sit and let this go
without stating my piece.
Walt, I wish you would check your information before you
post your list of swindlers. If you have been wronged, then
you need to take it up with that person or the proper authorities.
 But you should not always believe what you think you
understood because if you don't have first hand knowledge
then you are guilty of gossip and the members of this list don't
deserve gossip.
I recently sold three items on the list and all three were shipped
and delivered. Agreed, two items were late in shipping due to my
suddenly having to move and then taking three weeks to sort thru
60 boxes to find the units and the books to ship.
I also lost my computer mother board at the same time and was
out of action for a month. So I probably missed any post someone
may have made to the list since my mail box filled up and overflowed.
But I have not "cheated" anyone to my knowledge and if that
inadvertently happened the party involved never gave feedback
to me so I could make amends.
I assure you I will not list anything that is not boxed and ready to
ship prior to listing again. I only try to make mistakes once.
If someone has a bitch I wish they would air it with me and not
the world unless I am stupid enough to ignore them. And be assured,
there are some folks that no matter what you do you will not be able
to please them and I am willing to deal fairly with them.
I used to have respect for you and your inputs to this list. However,
I regret that the years are catching up with you and clouding your
good judgement. I suggest you think a second time before you
make disparaging remarks about anyone on this list. This in no
place to air this type of thing, you just might be wrong (God forbid!),
and the 2000 plus members are here to learn about QRP.

Don Sanders W4BWS
1383 Cypress Ave.
Melbourne, FL 32935
321 751 6500
My favorite QRP rig glows in the dark
On Fri, 30 Mar 2001 12:20:52 GMT Walter D Amos <>
> Pat: Thanks for the up front, I'll add that name to my 4 X 8 file card
> on SWINDLERS which now includes
> K3HW
> and now W4CDF
> Seems a lot of old guys in Florida like free radios
> Walt K8CV
> On Thu, 29 Mar 2001 22:22:09 -0700 Pat Byers <>
> writes:
> > I hate to do this to the list, but I'm trying to locate
> >
> > Charles D. Feigley Sr., W4CDF
> > 1516 Toledo St.
> > Holiday Florida
> > 34690-5854
> >
> > to whom I sold a Heathkit HW-7 back in December. Since I'm a
> > trusting soul,
> > I sent the radio before receiving the cash which has still not
> > arrived.
> > I've tried to contact Charlie by both e-mail and snail mail but
> have
> >
> > received no reply nor have I seen him post to QRP-L in a long
> > while.
> >
> > I'm just wondering if anyone out there knows where he is and if
> he's
> > OK.
> > Does anyone know how I can contact him?
> >
> > 73,
> >
> > Pat Byers VE6AAN
> > Ponoka, AB
> >
> >
> Walt K8CV
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Don Sanders W4BWS
1383 Cypress Ave.
Melbourne, FL 32935
321 751 6500
My favorite QRP rig glows in the dark

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