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Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 14:36:16 CST


The Renewal system in NOT the same as the standard alkaline battery system.
It uses a battery similar to what was used in miners head lamps for years.
The Renewal charger is CPU controlled and uses a system of pulse charging
similar to the CRISTY system for nicad battery charge and recovery. It
charges then burps the battery and then measures the terminal voltage with a
specific load across it. It continues this process till the battery
terminal voltage holds with a specific load. It then goes into a sleep mode
and checks the terminal voltage at intervals. If it sees the terminal
voltage drop below specifications, it will pulse it to bring it up to full
terminal voltage. These batteries have an AH rating of two times the
standard alkaline cell. Which in many cases, makes them the same price or
less if you find them on sale. Their useful life is considered when they
have the same AH rating as a normal alkaline i.e. 50% of original capacity,
or when the end user can no longer get the needed service time from them.

I have used these since they were first introduced a few years back.


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> It has been worth its value many times over. The only
> problem is that eventually the alkalines fail and it left in
> equipment will leak. .
> Daniel n0bn

Well, this is to be expected...

First off, other than the Renewal charger (which does a
tricky contact thingie for AA) I know of only ONE other
charger that uses what would be called a 'correct' procedure
for charging alkalines. I was told at one time that the majority
of 'alkaline chargers' just send a current through or pulse to
try to break down gas in alkalines.

And even with the 'correct' method (as in a Renewal charger)
the main difference between generic alkalines and Renewals
is that the Renewal is BUILT to handle the gas pressures
that are generated by the recharging method. If you put
standard alkalines into a Renewal charger (with mods as
necessary) they should recharge, but almost all of them will


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