80M QSO Wanted


From: Mugleston, Brad (brad.mugleston@gwl.com)
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 12:05:49 CST

Hello everyone, recently I was Elmered into building a power supply and an
80M transmitter. Big deal you say but the schematics were from 1929 and
with some help from my Elmer I was able to use real time period parts (well
the copper tubing coil I wound was "new" parts and some of the caps and
resistors were also new - come to think about it the 1 X 6 pine board I used
was also new - well I tried).

Anyway, it works. At least I believe it works. My power out meter says
about 2 watts of something is going into the antenna. Elmer Rick and I
have been trying to have a QSO on it but so far not luck and no one else has
answered by sickly sounding CQ. So if you don't have a date this Friday and
would like to listen in around 3.750 at 0200z (Saturday morning Z) sit down
and give a listen. I will only be on for about 1/2 hour unless I get in a

I'm using my '27 tube Hartley as a transmitter and my TS-830S as a receiver.
Have your filters on WIDE as my signal sounds like it moves around a little
(it's not really drift because it goes both directions up and down, up and
down more like a roller coaster). If you have a separate TX and RX that may
be easier as my receive will be solid but my transmit seems to move a bit.

I'd really like to talk to Rick W9QZ my Elmer so if he and I are able to
hear each other please give us some space, you may listen and try me
afterwards but don't hurt your self falling off your chair listening to my

If you can hear me but can't contact me I would like a report by email (or
even if we do make contact). Give me some details and for those of you that
know about these kinds of things any suggestions would also be appreciated.
If you do send me an email you can reply to this address and if you would
send a copy to my home at muglesto@ecentral.com I will get it over the

Also, if you would like I have a picture of my power supply and transmitter
that I could email you (I sound like a new father). It's in bitmap format
so you could use it as your wall paper, I bet you can't wait.

Thanks for your time and hope so here some of you Friday.

de KI0OT, Brad

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